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Articles & Presentations

NAHC HHFMA Fin Mgrs Conference 2015 - High Quality Care and Positive Patient Outcomes Result in Positive Financial Outcomes 6 15 15b
Financial Management Conference 2013: Reducing Hospital Readmissions: Home Care as the Solution
Transitions in Care Building Relationships - HHFMA FMC 2012
Want To Improve Your Financial Outcomes - Manage Smarter!
HHFMA 17th Annual Conference July 13-15, 2011 "Optimize Clinical & Financial Outcomes by Enhancing Episode Management"
The Rate Reductions of 2011 & Beyond Approaches for Success
Home Care Alliance of MassachusettsFinancial Management Conference December 9, 2010 - Meeting the Financial Challenges of Implementing OASIS-C
Aligned Incentive Compensation Requires the Right Clinical and Case Conferencing Models
HHFMA 16th Annual Financial Managers Conference July 14-16, 2010 Employer-Employee Relationships...Matching Mutual Goals and Expectations
OASIS-C Managing the Bumps in the Road - CASHAH 2010
Achieving Optimal Clinical Management and Financial Balance - CASHAH 2010
NAHC Financial Conference 2009 Achieving Optimal Clinical Episode Management & Financial Balance.pptx
NAHC 2009 CMS and MedPac Want Proof of Hospice Value - Prove it With QAPI
Making Cents of Your Direct Costs - SHP June 11 Webinar
NAHC Caring Article Attachments - 1008
NAHC Annual Meeting 2009 Aligning Incentives
NAHC Annual Meeting 2012 - Transitions in Care
NAHC Annual Meeting 2013 - 2014 A Watershed Year!
NAHC Annual Meeting 2013 - Hospice Clinical Compensation - Aligned Incentives

OASIS-C & Process Measures...What Is CMS Thinking?
Financial Reporting and Analysis, Are You Doing It Right? 2008 NAHC Annual Meeting, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
The New HH PPS: Budgeting, Financial Analysis and Reporting, 2008 NAHC Financial Managers Conference July 16-18, 2008
Value Based Purchasing Is Just Around The Corner, National Association for Home Care 27th Annual Meeting, October 12 - 15, 2008, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Benchmark Hospice Outcomes Now, National Association for Home Care 27th Annual Meeting, October 12 - 15, 2008, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Advanced Home Care Administrator Certrificate Program, The Corridor Group, Inc., The California Association for Home Health Services Program, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Managing Non Routine Supplies, DecisionHealth Audio-conference, September 23, 2008
Don't Re-invent The Wheel To Meet QAPI Requirements, DecisionHealth Audio-conference, October 7, 2008
Don't Re-Invent The Wheel To Meet QAPI Requirements, Strategic Healthcare Programs, Ohio Association for Home Care and Hospice, Sandusky, Ohio, September 11 - 12, 2008
Clinician Scorecard Orientation and Training, Strategic Healthcare Programs Audio-conference, June 25, 2008.
Competitive Strategies: Key Elements for Thriving in a High-Stakes Outcomes Market, Strategic Healthcare Programs, Wisconsin Association for Home Care and Hospice, May 15, 2008
Using Outcomes-Driven Performance Reviews to Align Incentives, Strategic Healthcare Programs, Wisconsin Association for Home Care and Hospice, May 15th, 2008.
You Bought The Monitors...Now What?, Northern New England Home Care Conference, Portland, Maine, May 8, 2008.
Everything You Need To Know About Managing Medical Supplies, Home Health Line Audioconference, April 22, 2008.
A Closer Look At Medical Supply Management in PPS 2008 Era, Eli Research Audio-conference, March 11, 2008.
Eli Research Teleconference, So...You Bought The Monitors...Now What? Eli Research Teleconference May 23, 2007
Marketing TeleHealth and Other Misnomers! DecisionHealth Profit Through Technology Conference, May 7, 2007
National PPS Proposed Rule 2008..."Do The Right Thing" May - June 2007
Medicare PPS Final Rule...So What's New? McKesson UserGroup Conference, September 13, 2007
2007-2008 Medicare PPS...So What's New? Quality Insights Conference Call, September 25, 2007
NAHC Annual Meeting, Gotta Dance! Working Together, Understanding Each Other, Improves Clinical-Financial Tango October, 2006

NAHC Financial Managers Conference 2007 - Financial Reporting
Home Care Technology Report, Dancing With Your Data 2006
NAHC Financial Managers Conference 2007 - Recruitment & Retention
Compliance: Clinical, Operational, Administrative & Financial Concerns 1999
Remington Report, Should You Re-Examine How You Rcognize The Revenue and Evaluate Costs? July 2007-Medicare PPS
NAHC, JCAHO Teleconference, Competency Assessment April 2001
Remington Report, Paving The Way To The Pay For Performance Model, July 2007
Improve Acute Care Hospitalization Outcomes With TeleHealth, May 23, 2006

NAHC Financial Managers' Conference, Cost Accounting: Do You Know Your Real Costs 2005
NAHC Annual Meeting, The Future of Hospital-Based Home Care: Is In A Free-Standing Structure!, 2005
Remington Think Tank, Revenue Recognition Models 2004
Caregiver Compensation Models To Promote Cost Control, Productivity, Case Capacity, & Retention May 2, 2002
The Importance of Appropriate Medical Supply Utilization to Achieve Optimum Clinical and Financial Disease Management Outcomes 2006
Telemedicine: Developing a New Home Care Standard of Practice 2001
OASIS-C, Value Based Purchasing And Process Measures, Remington Report, November/December 2009 Volume 17

Published Articles

"Hospital-based Home Care (& Hospice), So Much Has Changed ?Yet, So Much Remains the Same!", Caring Magazine, February 2009

"Clinical Compensation, Alignment of Incentives", Caring Magazine, September 2008

"Unbundling Medical Supplies - A Disease Management Initiative?", Caring Magazine, National Association For Home Care, March 2008

"How To Manage Supplies, Ensure Accurate Payment", Clinical Supervisor, Publication of DecisionHealth, April 2008

"The Final Rule...In Like A Lion", Remington Report, volume 17 Issue 6, November/December 2007

"We Need Medical Supply Benchmarks", Remington Report, volume 16 Issue 5, September/October 2007

"Paving the Way to the Pay For Performance Model", Remington Report, volume 15. Issue 4, July/August 2007