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Telehealth Marketing and Implementation

Telehealth Marketing and Implementation


Health Care businesses must be current with cutting edge technologies to achieve success but to sustain success they must know their customers well and be able to deliver services that have value to the customer. Marketing those services is dependent upon relationships. It is often challenging to quantify the value of a service.

Laff Associates currently consults with tele-monitoring vendors and home health agencies and hospice providers to provide;


         Services Marketing workshops

o   Market Results..not technology.

o   Clinicians Rule!

         Evaluation of tele-monitoring systems

o   It?s not just ?the box??it?s what you do with it that counts.

o   Look carefully at product support and upgrades.

         Clinical model development for telehealth implementation

o   Organizational re-structuring

  Responsibility and accountability are key components.

  Methods to achieve clinician buy-in

o   Process and structure re-design

  Checks and balances to ensure timely clinical interventions.

         Management oversight processes for the implementation of telehealth

o   Internal processes for ongoing involvement by clinical managers and senior executives is vital to clinical and financial success.

         Return On Investment Measurements, Tools and Processes

o   Outcome Improvement


  Emergent care

         High risk assessment

         Medication management

         Fall risk analysis

         Personal Emergency Response

o   Increased Case Capacity

  Fewer clinical care managers can accurately manage care for more patients with telehealth.

o   Enhanced Productivity

  Comprehensive remote monitoring eliminates unnecessary travel and increases available time for necessary hands-on care.

o   Reduction of episodic costs

  Decrease the need for consumption of scarce clinical resources.






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