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Successful Home Care and Hospice organizations have been defined as those that consistently produce positive patient outcomes and satisfaction using technologically advanced techniques, have increased market share and the ability to promptly respond to market changes and pressures, maintain caregiver resource levels, community image, and have a healthy financial performance that makes a very positive, true operational profit. (For those entities that are affiliated with or are departments within a health system, it also includes their identification as a core service of the health system that makes a true operational margin contribution.)

Telehealth Marketing and Implementation

Health Care businesses must be current with cutting edge technologies to achieve success but to sustain success they must know their customers well and be able to deliver services that have value to the customer. Marketing those services is dependent upon relationships. It is often challenging to quantify the value of a service.

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Telemedicine: Developing a New Home Care Standard of Practice

Internal Operations Review for all Product-lines and Services

The mission of Laff Associates is to assist home care and hospice organizations with the attainment of that success. An operations review is the initial step in identification of process effectiveness or need for change.

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The Importance of Appropriate Medical Supply Utilization to Achieve Optimum Clinical and Financial Disease Management Outcomes
Competency Assessment
Gotta Dance! Working Together, Understanding Each Other, Improves Clinical-Financial Tango
Dancing With Your Data

Operational Structure and Strategic Positioning

Growing with a successful business often requires new methods of thinking and organizational redesign. Laff Associates have a proven track record of successful re-design, re-organization and strategic positioning.

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The Future of Hospital-Based Home Care: Is In A Free-Standing Structure!

Operational Due Diligence

Successful companies are often in the process of re-evaluating market options.

Financial Information Systems, Revenue Recognition, Cost Accounting and Benchmarking

Success is achieved through careful financial planning, analysis, constant improvement and decision-making.

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Revenue Recognition Models
Medicare PPS Revenue Recognition HHRG - Per Visit and Medical Supply Method
Cost Accounting: Do You Know Your Real Costs

Compensation Program Design to Enhance Productivity and Retention

Success is achieved when all of the incentives are aligned with the planned and desired goals and objectives.

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Caregiver Compensation Models To Promote Cost Control, Productivity, Case Capacity, & Retention

Medicare Cost Reporting - Home Office, Home Health Agency and Hospice

Clinical and Financial Compliance

Successful companies are always interested in providing the highest quality of services to all customers.

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Compliance: Clinical, Operational, Administrative & Financial Concerns